hello goodbye

it has to be the most beautiful one i suppose 

2nd choice

there was no specific reason why it didn’t work out. it was many combined things that made me feel like an option. 
the skype sessions or the lack of it, the lack of face-to-face interactions, wedding over travelling together when he’s just a mere guest and most of all, pressure from my family. 
maybe in another life, under different circumstances and with priorities straightened, maybe we will have a chance. 

constantly reminding myself why. hope it helps. 

a little laughter 

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how long does it take to stop loving someone? or how long does it take to forget your best friend? and what happens if you lost both? i need to know, cause i cant let my tears flow for ever. 
i thought its going to be easy, but its not. letting go and being strong enough to keep my words. 
i feel like im finding excuses for the breakup. but on retrospective, i am relieved. i am relieved i dont have to hide or lie to anyone anymore. i am relieved that i dont have to disappoint anyone anymore. 

and i believe if he’s really the one for me, one day we will see each other again. without restrictions. 

what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 


Even if you do forget.. I will always remember.


Even if you do forget.. I will always remember.

i am afraid of the future. please dont let it come true. 

love bright warm tones 

why i love marketing 

obsessed with this song